Why Chatbot Surveys are the future of Market Research? - Xane AI
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Why Chatbot Surveys are the future of Market Research?

A Chatbot is computer software that controls the conversation between the acoustic and textual part that has been carrying forward to measure the efficiency between a human and artificial intelligence. The first chatbot was introduced in 1966. However, it was not able to pass the turning test.

Use of AI Chatbots:

AI Chatbots use can be categorized in various sectors like education, communication, food, travel, health and many more. Even Many media companies, banks, e-commerce companies, airlines, hotel chains, insurance companies, retailers, health care providers, government entities and restaurant chains are efficiently utilizing chatbots to answer simple queries, as it increases customer assignation for promoting and introducing different ways to order from them.

Chatbots provides great help to the marketing team for improving the brand or product or increasing the sales which increase the future scope of the company’s welfare. As these days you will find a lot of crowd on a social media platform for exchanging information to chatting instead of text messages.

Large companies usually design references for talented chatbots to unlock and share experience in the company more effectively and helps in lessening the flaws of expert desks fluently.

An instance to the chatbots is “MYRA”. ICICI has introduced the robotic assistance which is well capable in solving your entire query. Customer usually calls or chats and gets connected to “MYRA”, and gets all the solution to their queries, and doubts. It was declared that it was “MYRA” who sold 6 lakhs plus insurance policies to customers apart from helping the other customers with different issues. We have “Amazon Alexa” with us as the most common example of Chabot or virtual assistance.

Chatbot Surveys for Customer Feedback:

The chatbots just not only assist customers or used for feedbacks. As a whole, it does affect the profit of the company which completely depends on the conversation that the customer had with the Chatbot. Chatbots also act as a sales representative wherever needed in a more personal way than a human can. It proves to be a cost-effective and automated way for conversation with the customers.

Companies prefer facebook, twitter to promote their product or brand via chatbot as to rise up the sales. It gives the feedback of the customer directly to the company which helps them to minimize or maximize the product quality, efficiency, and cost of the brand. According to a survey, Facebook boost more than 1 billion users every month, as a result, they don’t just get connected with Keith and Kins, they also get connected with ample of brands.

It’s the messenger that provides a level of security and trust which helps encourages them to purchase the products. However, if a single person has to answer all the queries of the customer related to product quality, material, price then it would take ages to reply as hundred, thousands, millions have queries and doubts or wanted purchase.

Chatbot as a single hand tackles more than millions of queries and facilitates ease at the very same time related to delivery, placing an order, various products of the same brand. All of the above at the end reverts with satisfied customers and promotes sales through market research via chatbots.