How MSG91 Services are Helpful to Xane? - Xane AI
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How MSG91 Services are Helpful to Xane?

MSG91 services: Xane AI was looking for an SMS provider, which can provide services like bulk SMS, OTP verification in order to send a notification to the employee through SMS. Therefore, after days of research, we finally got to know about MSG91 which is India’s leading bulk messaging provider in the marketplace providing bulk SMS & OTP services without making a hole in your pocket.

Why Xane AI needed for MSG91 services?

Previously, Xane used to send notifications to users and employees of the organization through app only but now we planned to use MSG91 services for two below-mentioned purposes:

1. Transactional SMS for notification purpose.

We have used MSG91 API to allow the HR admins to send the notification to the employees via SMS. These SMS allow HR to pass on the information to the employees.

For Example: HR of an organization can send SMS to all the employees who have not yet filled the survey.

2. OTP SMS to verify the user’s phone number

We have used MSG91 OTP API to send a one-time password to the user’s phone number and then verify it. It helps us create a database of unique users with their phone numbers, which can be further used by the restaurant/cafes to send discounts via Promotional SMS.

MAG91 Services

How Xane has implemented MSG91 APIs?

Implementation of MSG91 APIs was quite easy. They have provided us a complete good documentation and customer support gradually to integrate their services into our product with some sample codes. They have four cool features:-

  1. Powerful sending infrastructure
  2. Tracking and analytics
  3. All validation and security checks done
  4. Super cool phonebook

There is dashboard access for tracking & analytics where we can see what is happening to our SMS notifications such as delivery report and many such more things.