Artificial Intelligence- Advent of Future Opportunities for Decision Making
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Artificial Intelligence- Advent of Future Opportunities for Decision Making

Artificial Intelligence: The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to be as metamorphic as the ever-volatile economy. Earlier it used to be just a faraway dream, but today it is omnipresent. Knowingly or unknowingly, we carry it in our cars, pockets as well as all the online services we use throughout our day.
With the increase in the degree of digitization in the service sector, most of the organizations are applying AI to revamp their learning cultures. AI consists of different technologies including intelligent agents, automated cars, chatbots, machine learning and voice/face recognition. When these are fused with e-learning, organizational efficiency and productivity improve manifolds.
Preferment in technology including big-data analytics and other services have let AI prosper across different aspects.
Today the execution of AI-based technologies will morph the face of corporate learning into something very contemporary, simplify the user interface and unshackle newer parameters of organizational growth.
artificial intelligence
  • Mould traditional models and processes: Intelligent machines go through learning processes and follow the automated approach to rectify outcomes.
  • Enhance the relationship between humans & machines. Using AI, employees get more time to do innovative tasks to get an edge over competitors.
  • Improve outcomes with data analytics: Educators use AI to increase competency by learning analytics and algorithms, blend data in creative ways to deliver engaging learnings and insights
Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly popular in Human Resources, especially for training and development processes. AI facilitates HR to communicate new policies and procedures in an efficient way to its employees. With ample data provided to the personnel, it is possible to even effectively engage and retain employees through AI chatbots for user customer feedback. Below are the two major fields of human resources where AI is being used drastically:
  • Employee engagement: Every employee in the organization has different experiences, maybe good or bad. In order to automate the feedback given by employees, AI can be used in the form of chatbots where feedback is taken in a very interactive manner.
  • Talent screening. The plethora of applications are received by the HR Department whenever there is an opening in the organization, many AI tools are used to map the required skill sets with those of the applied candidates.
“AI can enable humans to focus on parts of their roles that add the most value.”