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5 Ways in which Technology plays a major role in Customer Retention

5 Ways in which Technology plays a major role in Customer Retention

As the abilities of virtual technology evolve, customers have grown to expect new standards of excellence, overall performance, and just about the whole lot in among. Customer retention is the next big challenge for businesses.

In the arena of virtual, exciting new technology which includes digital data, cloud computing, big data, live video connectivity, and ‘clever’ chatbots are redefining the way corporations interact with their customers.

Staying on top of these traits and developments will involve studying these new improvements and the use of them to speak, interact, and sell in modern approaches. Those businesses which might be willing to embrace creativity supplied via generation and cross past the ‘norm’ will stand proud of competitors and offer customers a brand new and richer customer experience.

How technology can improve customer experience and customer retention?


1) Virtual Reality

Perhaps greater than any other present-day technology, digital data can essentially modify how we outline customer experience.

Used with the aid of several manufacturers to enhance consumer revel in VR can immerse consumers presenting them with new reviews of a product or service. Designed to offer a sensory experience, it captures the attention and imagination of a customer quite not like some other technology, and marketers with imaginative and prescient, are making the most of its distinctiveness.

Never one to shrink back from innovation in its advertising, Guinness evolved a new, purchaser-centric usage of VR tasting booths in Tesco stores across the United Kingdom that inspired all five senses. To introduce new beers – the West Indies Porter, Hop House 13 Lager, and Guinness Draft – the logo used the understanding of Guinness Master Brewer, Peter Simpson to narrate an immersive 360-degree video while a meal and flavour scientist at Oxford University fed into the colors, textures, movements, and sounds used to make certain they have been attuned to the flavor of every beer.

Connecting technology with traditional marketing help customers get better experiences and appeal to them to be connected with the brand for a longer period.


2) Artificial Intelligence

While round since the ’50s, brands have most effectively commenced applying AI efficiently for center purchaser services. Evolving all of the time, AI has massive capacity because it helps enhance consumer self-service, infuse personalization, and cater to personal customer requests and needs uniquely.

Xane AI , for instance, transforms integrated Artificial intelligence into a more customer-friendly experience in the automation industry by turning the user manuals and help guide into an AI bot that interacts with the customer in case of facing technical problems.

This brings customers closer to the brand and gives a reason to stay a loyal customer to the brand helping businesses towards customer retention.

While growing a robotic may appear like an excessive example of the era, it demonstrates the ability of AI to provide a purchaser experience like no other. An era no longer to be disregarded, it has the potential to interact and research, making it a useful technology to decorate around customer retention.

3) Chatbots

Whether you trust Microsoft’s CEO or not, now that “bots are the brand-new apps”, the fact remains that these particular tools are turning heads. Featuring an algorithmic ‘mastering’ feature that permits it to examine from preceding conversations and tweak responses, today’s industry-standard chatbot represents a fantastic step forward for brands keen to dump simpler, habitual queries and encounters to a shrewd device.

Take Xane AI for instance of a brand that has nailed how to use this new technology. Through a reason-constructed AI bot, Xane AI has been capable of enhancing customer recognition of and engagement with their new network space. Designed to boost brand engagement, the studio gives an easy user interface that could most effectively be interacted via the chatbot.

Chatbots are a very efficient tool in connecting with the customers in less time and in an efficient way. Chatbots are quick, accurate, and user friendly. The stronghold of AI chatbots base of a company helps retain customers for a longer period.

4) Internet of Things (IoT)

According to research, companies are the top adopter of IoT due to the blessings it offers. It can enhance a company’s bottom line by using lowering running costs, growing productivity, and helping manufacturers amplify into new markets or increase new merchandise.

Also, the degree to which the IoT allows for go-platform synergy and engagement has catalyzed the increase of the latest forms of merchandise. Brands can now use this technology to promote direct ties between actual global activities and digital verbal exchange to install promotional campaigns across platforms. It additionally allows a compelling narrative that permits customers to interact with their product or a provider.

Fitness app effects

Products together with the Fitness smart gears are an ideal instance of real-world hardware that promises valuable social capital for customers. Because it’s far fundamentally embedded with the internet, it is simple for customers to upload their health effects to structures which include Facebook, which, in turn, inspires new audiences to purchase their Fitness gears.

Fitness agencies, non-public training packages, and fanatic clubs have all been evolved thru Facebook the use of these devices as a way of progressing monitoring and records transmission. Simply positioned, it’s embracing of the IoT has led to the advent of a brand-new health paradigm online.

5) Programmatic Advertising

With spending on programmatic advertising on the up brands are investing in the usage of data to make certain the right advertisement receives to the right audience at the right time.

The key to programmatic is that it makes use of technology and the resulting analytics to assist brands to recognize as much as possible about the character viewing an advertisement earlier than space is sold. Besides as customers get the right of entry to content material through a couple of devices programmatic allows a customer to be tracked and targeted throughout them correctly.

For brands, programmatic will simply continue to grow for improving customer experience as it is real-time, scalable, value-powerful, green, and omnichannel.

Technology in Customer Retention

Knowledge is power about selling products or services. These new and continuously evolving technologies can’t best assist increase an organization’s consumer base and customer retention strategies, however also help them advantage perception into their customers on a macro-degree.

Learning how to make the maximum of technology will help businesses – large and small – enhance their customer retention rate and consumer experience to a stage that might never have been a concept possible a few years in the past.